Pride of Bourana Family

اگر کہیں پہ غلطی ہو توبراہ کرم مجھے اطلاع کریں۔ شکریہ
Email: {Phone:0300-8355301, 0341-9722329}


Prof. Ahmed SherProf. Ahmad Sher
Professor (Retd) Ahmed Sher, Adhi Sargal.

Mufti Ghulam MohiuddinMufti Ghulam Mohiuddin
Mufti Ghulam Mohiuddin s/o Haji Aalam Noor, Presently settled in Karachi and running “Jamia Islamia Clifton, Karachi” He is Founder & Chairman at Nusrat Trust for Special Children-Pakistan Nusrat Trust

(Late) Sqn.Ldr: M.Ishaq ZafarIshaq Zafar
Sqn.Ldr. Muhammad Ishaq Zafar s/o Haji Fateh Khan, belongs to Adhi Sargal.

Flt.Lt (H) Abdul RaufAbdul Rauf
I am Abdul Rauf s/o Abdul Ghani (Late), belongs to Roda, روڈہ District Khushab. I served with Pakistan Air Force and got retirement as Honorary Flt. Lt. My Ph: 0302-5501918, Email:

Dr.Ikram MahmoodDr. Ikram Mahmood
Dr. Ikram Mahmood s/o Malik Noor Hussain, belongs to Roda and working as Sr.Blood Transfusion Officer Sargodha. Phone: 03216002867, Email:

Dr.Tauqeer Ahmed QaisarDr. Tauqeer Ahmed Qaisar
Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed Qaisar s/o Haji Malik Noor, Adhi Sargal (Noor Pur) Phone: 03008665875

Dr.Tanveer Ahmed (PhD)Tanveer Ahmad
Malik Tanveer Ahmed s/o Haji Malik Noor, Adhi Sargal. Assistant professor, Shaheed zulfiqar Ali Bhutto medical university, Islamabad (posted in Lahore)

Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum

I am Abdul Qayyuym Borana residant of Adhi Sargal Disst Khushab. I have done Matriculation from GHSS Quaid Abad and then for F.Sc and B.Sc i joined Govt College Sargodha which then was promoted as university of Sargodha. For M.Sc degree I joined University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore and finally after doing M.Phil degree from University of the Punjab Lahore i am working as a Scientific Officer in a renowned scientific Organization of Pakistan named as Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). Now-a-days I am doing my Ph.D in China. My

Dr.Zain ul AbidinZain
Dr. Zain ul Abidin s/o Haji Gulzar Ahmad, belongs to Adhi Sargal and performing his duties at Sargodha. Recently he has completed his studies in the field of MBBS from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

Rafiq Arshad Rafiq Arshad

I belong to a BOURANA family My Father’s name is Malik Muhammad Ramzan, grandfather’s name is MALIK MUHAMMAD BAKSH(Late) and I am the nephew of (Late) Malik Noor Hussain and Malik Ghulam Hussain.I got a master’s degree in Chemistry in 1993. I joined Pharam industry as” Quality Assurance Officer” and affter that I joined Cement industry as a Quality Engineer and worked on different positions in different companies.During my stay in cement industry, I acted as Management Representative & Chairman Safety Committee. Finally I got the Quality Manager position in the Pakistan cement industry. I am a member of Pakistan Cement standards Revision committee,to revised the cement standards for Govt of Pakistan. Finally,I moved to United Arab Emirates and joined one cement comapny as a ” Chief Quality Control”. Recently, I am working in leading world wide Biritish Group (having 85 factories all over the world in more than 45 countries) as ” Quality Assurance&HSE Manager.Emails:,
My skype ID is: Rafique.arshad 2010

Roy Manzoor Ahmad Roy Manzoor Ahmad

I am Manzoor Ahmad Roy S/O Hafiz Allah Wasaya Bourana, (M.Sc. Zoology From Bahauddin Zikriya University, Multan) belongs to Muzaffargarh. I am working as Vice Principal,Government College for Elementary Teachers Muzaffargarh. My Cell # 0333-6030734

Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman

Malik Abdul Rehman s/o Qalander, (Adhi Sargal) working as Assistant Director, Citrus Research Institute, Sargodha and serving the nation in the Agricultural Sector. Providing advisory services regarding citrus cultivation, plant protection and new citrus varieties. Phone:0300-6037325, Email:

Ghulam Ullah Ghulam Ullah
I am Ghulam Ullah s/o Muhammad Khan Bourana, (B.Sc/LLB) currently settled in Block No.6, Jauharabad and basically belongs to Bourana Wala Tehsil Noorpur District Khushab. I am serving as Assistant Director Land Records, Punjab Board of Revenues.

I wish to contribute to welfare and integration of Bourana fraternity… Phone: 0345-8650943, Email:

Prof.Sher RasoolProf. Sher Rasool

Malik Sher Rasool s/o Saleh Mohammad, (Adhi Sargal), Assistant Professor, Government College, Noor Pur.
M. Phil (Eco) and running “The Blooming School & Bourana Forests, Noor Pur Thall”.

Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman
I am Dr Abdul Rehman s/o Muhammad Ramzan Bourana of Adhi Sargal. I got my basic education from Govt. High school Adhi Sargal. After that I moved to Quaidabad for Higher Secondary Education. Later on I completed my higher education from Sargodha University and got Master Degrees in “English” “History” and “Urdu”. I have completed B. Pharmacist Degree from Punjab Pharmacy Council. Now a days, I am settled in Quaid Abad

During my studies I established a Pharmacy in Quaid Abad City. My Phone: 0300-5406480. Email:

Zafar Iqbal Saleem Zafar Iqbal Saleem
I am Malik Zafar Iqbal Saleem S/O Malik Haji Sona Khan and Grand S/O Zayyad Bakshah.I live in Wapda Colony Fesco Khushab. I am serving as S.D.O Wapda, Fesco Sud Division Naushehra District Khushab. Phone:0300-6070363

PT Waryam sahib- Adhi Sargal

PT Waryam sahib- Adhi Sargal

Sub. Aatif Malik Bourana from Chicha Watni Distt: Sahiwal shaking hand with the Army Chief. An honor for Bourana family.

Sub. Aatif Malik Bourana from Chicha Watni Distt: Sahiwal shaking hand with the Army Chief. An honor for Bourana family.

Usman Shabbir Malik Bourana

Usman Shabbir Malik Bourana

چہرے پرمسکراہٹ سجائے پتلےدبلے جسامت کے مالک اس نوجوان کا نام عثمان شبیر ملک ہے۔عثمان شبیر سے میں تب واقف ہوا جب میں جامعہ کراچی سے منسلک ہوا۔

آنکھ پر چشمہ لگائے یہ نوجوان یونیورسٹی کے طلبہ کے لیے مسیحا سے کم نہیں۔ یہ کراچی یونیورسٹی کے نام سے ایک گروپ چلاتے ہیں جس میں بیک وقت 80,000 طلبہ وطلبات کو جامعہ کے خبروں سے آگاہ رکھتے ہیں۔یہ جامعہ کراچی کے ایدھی، جامعہ کراچی کے چھیپا اور جامعہ کراچی کےسماجی کارکن جوبھی نام دیاجائے ان پرصادق آتا ہے۔

عثمان چھوٹی سطح پر بڑےسماجی کام کرتاہے۔خاص طور پرجامعہ میں غریب طلبہ کے فیسوں کے بارے میں یہ کافی active اورفکرمند نظر آتے ہیں۔ دینی اداروں میں تو اپنے آخرت سنوارنے کے غرض سے اکثر لوگ مالی تعاون کرتے ہیں۔ البتہ یونورسٹیز میں اعلیٰ تعلیم کے خواہاں مگر غربت کے مارے طلبہ سے مالی تعاون کرنے والے عثمان شبیر جیسے بہت کم لوگ پائے جاتے ہیں۔

عثمان خود تو کسی کھاتے پیتے اور امیر گھرانے کا فرد نہیں مگر یہ چھوٹاایدھی اہل خیر حضرات کے سامنے ان طلبہ کا دکھ درد رکھتا ہے جو تعلیم کے شیدائی پریونیورسٹی کے باری فیسوں کے بوجھ اٹھانے سے قاصر ہوں۔
کراچی اور خاص کر جامعہ کراچی سے تعلق رکھنے والے اہل خیر حضرات سے میری دلی التماس ہے کہ اس چھوٹے ایدھی سے ضرور تعاون کریں۔

میری آج تک عثمان شبیر سے باقاعدہ ملاقات تو نہیں ہوئی۔ مگر انکے سماجی کاموں سے متاثر ہوکر انکی حوصلہ افزائ کی خاطر قلم اٹھایا کہ شاید میرے یہ ٹوٹےپھوٹے الفاظ انکے کارواں میں شامل ہوکر کسی کا سہارہ بن سکے۔
“رکھتے ہیں جو اوروں کیلئے پیار کا جذبہ: وہ لوگ کبھی ٹوٹ کے بکھرانہیں کرتے”۔
تحریر:شاکراحمد خان

In the era of ultimate ignorance, in the society of people full of selfishness, where rich is becoming richer day by day and the poor is becoming poorer day by day, We see a young guy, with a vision of serving humanity, striving to do more and more for the poor, working hard to get smiles on their faces, Usman Shabbir Malik, is the guy, who is not just a social worker, but known as ‘Jamia ka Edhi’.

Supporting the needy families on monthly basis, supporting the schools to provide quality education to the one who cannot afford, arranging the wedding for the families who are in times of need, these are some glimpses of the kind hearted Man, who himself is a student. Alhamdulillah, he is also Hafiz e Quran and keeps much knowledge about the deen. He has devoted himself for the betterment of society!

In past, he has helped many patients financially. He has got a big fan circle who respond to his call every time an announcement is made, be that of any wedding case, regarding any patient, or any student who is unable to pay his / her fee.

Furthermore, he keeps a very kind and gentle heart for the Orphans. Has organized various trips to orphanages with the varsity students who spent time with the little angels and distributed gifts among them. He is always concerned about the bright future of these little angels.

Moreover, he regularly holds the food distribution campaign specially for the little poor children and old aged uncles and aunties roaming in the streets of Karachi, specially outside the universities and markets. Another achievement for the admirable Man, is, his successful campaign of planting trees in the city of Karachi. In the city where authorities, whosoever, are busy in the cutting of trees, He along his team planted the trees in various parts of Karachi.

Few years Back, The city of Karachi experienced heat waves during the month of Ramazan which took so many precious lives away, Mr Usman has the satisfaction of working for the victims of heat wave at various public Sector hospitals.

Any calamity, discouragement or disappointment can never come into his way, he has and InShaAllah will always work with full enthusiasm, warmth, Energy and spirit for the betterment of society!
May Allah SWT accept his all the sacrifices and grants him success in Dunya as well as in Aakhirah!


Muhammad Basit Bourana, Muzaffar Garh

Muhammad Basit Bourana, Muzaffar Garh

Group Photo : Muhammad Basit Bourana

Group Photo : Muhammad Basit Bourana

اگر کہیں پہ غلطی ہو توبراہ کرم مجھے اطلاع کریں۔ شکریہ
Email: {Phone:0300-8355301، 0341-9722329}

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  1. Ma sha Allah a great effort and wonderful thought for our youn blood to taken a examples from Bourana family for build his further.
    Ya we really feel proud on our bouranas…
    Allah makes success in our life.

  2. Manzoor Ahmad Roy S/O Hafiz Allah Wasaya
    Vice Principal
    Govt College for Elementary teachers Muzaffargarh
    Working in BPS: 19
    M.Sc. Zoology From BZU Multan
    Address: Social Security Hospital road Muzaffargarh
    Cell # 03336030734

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