Politician of Bourana Family

Mian Irfan Iqbal BouranaMian Irfan Iqbal Bourana

Mian Irfan Iqbal Bourana, Chairman Union Council 86, Vehari.

Mian Aftab Ahmad BouranaMian Aftab Ahmad Bourana

Mian Aftab Ahmad Bourana, Chairman Union Council 83, Vehari.

Malik Atiq-ur-Rehman BouranaMalik Atiq ur Rehman

Malik Atiq ur Rehman Bourana, Vice Chairman, Union Council-64, Okara (PMLN Ticket Holder).
Malik Atiq ur Rehman belongs to Chak No 29/1-AL Tehsil Renalan Khurd Distt Okara.

Umer Draz Bourana SialUmer Draz Bourana Sial

Mr. Umar Draz Bourana, General Councilor Chak No.25, District Khanewal.

Ray Mohsin BouranaRay Mohsin Ali Bourana

Ray Mohsin Ali Bourana, Chairman Union Council 69,Aali Daha, Muzaffar Garh.

Imran Shahid Bourana SialImran Shahid Bourana Sial

Mehr Imran Shahid Bourana Sial, General Councilor Ward No.3, Union Council No.78
8,3L Ahmad Pur Sial ( Jhang )

Numbrdar Muhammad Muneer BouranaMuhammad Muneer Bourana

Muhammad Muneer Bourana, Numberdar Chak No 84/DNB, District Bahawalpur. My Contact No.03006878914

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  1. Janab Ghulam Rasool Bourana sb ap n apni qoom kliy bhot bra kam sir injam dia hy as kliy ap ka jitna thanks kha jy kam hy

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