Friends Of Bourana

Friends Of Bourana

Malik Sanaullah KalluMalik Sana Ullah Kallu
Malik Sana Ullah belongs to Rangpur Baghoor and running his personal business. His late father Malik Muhammad Abdullah Kallu was Numberdar of Rangpur Baghoor. Malik Abdullah was a renown politician of Rangpur. Whereas brother of Sanaullah Malik Zafar Kallu is holding the position of Numberdar after death of his father.

Hasnain Raza – SandhiHasnain Raza
My father name is Ghulam Hassan and I am a student of Graphic Design From Dharti of Thall. I love those people whose love Thall. My studies are in progress, in the field of Bs.Graphic Design from University College of Art And Design, The Islamiya University Of Bahawalpur and basically belongs to Nainowala, Mankera district Bhakkar. My phone: 03437878361

Abid Ramzan ChheenaAbid Ramzan Chheena
My name is Abid Raman S/O Allah Wasaya I belong to Chheena Family. I am working in Punjab Bait ul Maal Social Welfare Deparment, Khushab. I am residing in Jauharabad but my native village is ADHI Sargal. I am M.A (Political Science) M.Ed. (Master in Education). My phone: 0305-4508127, Email:

Engineer Shaikh Mazhar AbbasEngineer Shaikh Mazhar Abbas
I am Engineer Shaikh Mazhar Abbas S/O Shaikh Zahoor Hussain I belong to Adda Othiyan, PO Karam Pur District Vehari. Even though I am not from Bourana family but I have many friends from Bourana family, Therefore, I wish to be a part of this website to stay in touch with my friends.I am working as IT Engineer with Nawras Telecom in Oman. My phone: 0096895356864, and in Pakistan my contact number is 00923336279794, Email:

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